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Hi guys! Cannon just turned three on Sunday (I can’t even believe it!!!!!!) and I feel like a lot has changed in the baby industry since he was a baby. Almost every day I come across a new brand that has unique, high quality baby products and I want to test them all out!! 

Earlier this month Smilo sent me some bottles and pacifiers for the twins and I’m honestly so impressed with the quality and patented technology of their products! Smilo is a brand that carries safe, sophisticated essentials for every step of childhood, beginning with infants. Their bottles are known for fuss-free feeding and their pacifiers are sized for your baby’s development and have a unique orthodontic shape to help sooth your baby.

I realize that all babies (and kids for that matter) are all different and have different tastes and preferences. Some babies can be super picky but I’m hoping to expose the twins to a variety of products, including Smilo, and from there we can learn what they like and don’t like. But I am super excited for them to get here so we can start life as a family of 6 (that still sounds so crazy to say!!!). 

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