Gray Away Hair Root Concealer Spray Review

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There are many joys to growing older. Wisdom, life experience, achievements. But one of the less than wonderful parts of being in my 40s is the lovely collection of gray hair on my head.

Gray Away Hair Root Concealer Spray Review

I’ve made it a self-care practice to pamper my hair by making monthly visits to the salon. There’s something about someone else shampooing my hair at the end of a salon coloring that makes me weak in the knees. Sometimes, though, it’s tough to squeeze a hair appointment in between school drop off and running my business. Especially when those first few grays start popping up between salon visits.

Lucky for all of us busy moms and women, there is a quick and easy product that makes it a breeze to temporarily cover those grays: Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray.

Gray Away Hair Root Concealer Spray Review

This stuff is the thing of dreams. I love using it when I’m rocking a particularly busy month and need a little more time to work with on getting back to my hairdresser. Not to mention it’s come in quite handy when there’s a last minute birthday party to attend and my gray roots are living their best lives.¬†I can easily spray the product on my roots as I go through my typical “getting ready” routine and have those bad boys covered up in no time.

Gray Away Hair Root Concealer Spray Review

Watch Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray in action by checking out my video below!

Learn more at and find a Walgreens near you to pick up some for yourself!

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